CFS Newsletter No. 5 - 2013

CFS Newsletter No. 5 - 2013

The Center for Subjectivity Research was established in 2002 as an interdisciplinary "Center of Excellence." In the period 2002-2012 it was funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, with supplementary funding from the University of Copenhagen. Currently it is host to a number of externally funded research projects. It is located at the Faculty of Humanities, and its current staff is affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Theology, and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.


Grant to Arne Grøn
Arne Grøn has received a grant of DKK 5.305.042 from the VELUX FOUNDATION for a research project entitled “Self-understanding and Self-alienation: Existential Hermeneutics and Psychopathology.”
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Adele-France Jourdan, University of Leuven, Belgium (01.09.2013 - 30.06-2014) 

Bernardo Ainbinder, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (16.10.2012 - 30.06.2014) 

Carlota Serrahima, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain (06.08.2013 - 22.12.2013)

Jakob Hohwy, Monash University, Australia (01.09.2013 - 28.02.2014)

Jasper Feyaerts, University of Ghent, Belgium (01.09.2013 - 31.10.2013)

Zhiwei Zhang, Renmin University, China (01.09-2013 - 01.08.2014)



CFS Workshop: Experiential Reasons
29 October - 30 October 2013
Speakers include: Bill Brewer, Hannah Ginsborg, Heather Logue, John McDowell, Alan Millar, Susanna Siegel and Charles Travis.
Participation in this workshop is by invitation only.
Contact: Søren Overgaard,
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Public Lecture Series: Reason and Experience
31 October - 1 November 2013
Place: KUA1, Njalsgade 128, aud. 23.0.50
Speakers: Bill Brewer, Hannah Ginsborg, Heather Logue, John McDowell, Alan Millar, Susanna Siegel, Rowland Stout, Charles Travis
Organized by: Johan Gersel, Rasmus Thybo Jensen, Søren Overgaard, and Morten Sørensen Thaning
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CFS Workshop: The we and its phenomenology
05 November 2013, 14.15-17.00
Workshop devoted to the phenomenology of we
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Workshop and PhD course: The scope and limits of direct perception
12 December 2013
Participation in this workshop is by invitation only.
Contact: John Michael,
In recent years, numerous versions of the so-called “direct-perception” thesis have been advanced. These accounts offer various different arguments in favor of the claim that we can acquire awareness and/or knowledge of others’ mental states through perception. It is not clear, however whether all of these approaches offer compatible arguments, and to what extent they are arguing for the same claim(s).
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