CFS Newsletter No. 6 - 2014

CFS Newsletter No. 6 - 2014

The Center for Subjectivity Research was established in 2002 as an interdisciplinary "Center of Excellence." In the period 2002-2012 it was funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, with supplementary funding from the University of Copenhagen. Currently, it is host to a number of externally funded research projects. It is located at the Faculty of Humanities, and its current staff is affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Theology, and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.


PhD Defence

Alba Montes Sánchez successfully defended her doctoral thesis: Self-Consciousness, Caring, Relationality: an Investigation into the Experience of Shame and its Ethical Role. The defence took place on Thursday 18 September at 18.00 in the Getafe campus of Carlos III University, Madrid.
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Olle Blomberg receives DFF-MOBILEX Mobility Grant

In cooperation with the Marie Curie Program under FP7, the Danish Council for Independent Research, DFF-MOBILEX mobility grants 1.845.600 DKK towards Olle Blomberg's project Intentional Joint Action: Coordination, Responsibility and Participant's Knowledge.
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New ranking

New ranking places Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences nr. 8 on the Top Philosophy Journal list!

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New Book


Philosophical issues in psychiatry III
The Nature and Sources of Historical Change
Edited by Kenneth S. Kendler and Josef Parnas
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Professor Vasudevi Reddy from University of Portsmouth will be visiting the CFS from 7 October - 14 December 2014.

Her visit is partly funded by her grant on ‘Emotional Openness and Intellectual Humility’ from St. Louis University and the Templeton Foundation and supported by the CFS and the Marie-Curie Initial Training Network TESIS (Towards an Embodied Science of Intersubjectivity). She is a Professor of Developmental and Cultural Psychology and the Director of the Centre for Situated Action and Communication at the University of Portsmouth.


Adele-France Jourdan, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (01.09.2013-30.06.2015)
Bernardo Ainbinder, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (16.10.2012-28.02.2015)
Oren Bader, Tel Aviv University, Israel (02.09.2014-01.11.2014)
Vasudevi Reddy, University of Portsmouth, UK (07.10.2014-14.12.2014)
Yoshiaki Motobayashi, Kobe University, Japan (18.04.2014-30.03.2015)


  30 October - 31 October
2014 Infancy and the self/other differentiation. Perspectives from phenomenology and psychoanalysis

Speakers include: Jagna Brudzińska, Aikaterini Fotopoulou, Gunnar Karlsson, Joel Krueger, Johannes Lehtonen, Vasudevi Reddy, Philippe Rochat, Bent Rosenbaum, Joona Taipale and Dan Zahavi.
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  12 November 2014, 14:15-17:00
CFS Workshop: The We and its Emotions

Speakers include: Mikko Salmela and Christian van Scheve
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  9 December 2014, 14:15-15:20
CFS Workshop: From shared experiences to shared identities in infancy and early childhood
Speaker: Malinda Carpenter, School of Psychology and Neuroscience
University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK and Department of Developmental and Comparative Psychology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, Germany.
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Høffding, S.: ”What is Skilled Coping? Experts on Expertise.” Journal of Consciousness Studies 21/9-10, 2014, 49–73.

Zahavi, D.: "Yönelimsellik ve Bilinç." Kaygı: Uludag University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Journal of Philosophy 22, 2014, 167-182.

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