CFS Newsletter No. 1 - 2015

CFS Newsletter No. 1 - 2015

The Center for Subjectivity Research was established in 2002 as an interdisciplinary "Center of Excellence." In the period 2002-2012 it was funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, with supplementary funding from the University of Copenhagen. Currently, it is host to a number of externally funded research projects. It is located at the Faculty of Humanities, and its current staff is affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Theology, and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.


Registration is now open for the Copenhagen Summer School in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind 2015!

Find out more about the the Summer School and register here:

Lecture by Dan Zahavi: The Phenomenological We

The lecture The Phenomenological We explores different phenomenological ideas about the nature of the we. One central question concerns whether we-consciousness presupposes and involves self-consciousness and other-consciousness or whether it rather abolishes the difference between self and other. Another central question concerns the relation between the second-person singular and the first-person plural. Might the adoption of a second-person perspective, where I am aware of the other and at the same time implicitly aware of myself in the accusative, as attended to or addressed by the other, play an important role in the constitution of a we? The lecture explores these questions by considering the contributions of a variety of different figures in classical phenomenology.
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See the lecture on website for The History of Distributed Cognition.


Adele-France Jourdan, University of Leuven, Belgium (01.09.2013-30.06.2015)
Alex Arteaga, Berlin University of the Arts, Germany (05.01.2015-28.02.2015)
Stefano Vincini, University of Memphis, USA (12.01.2015-30.03.2015)
Yoshiaki Motobayashi, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/ Kobe University, Japan (17.04.2014-20.03.2015)


19 February 2015, 13.15-16.30
CFS Workshop: Nordic perspectives on phenomenology of sociality
Speakers include: Sara Heinämaa, Hans Ruin and Dan Zahavi.
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24 February 2015, 15:15-17:00
CFS Lecture by Galen Strawson: "Consciousness: The last 100 years"

Galen Strawson is professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of Freedom and Belief (Oxford 1986), The Secret Connexion: Realism, Causation and David Hume (Oxford 1989), Mental Reality (MIT Press 1994), Selves: An Essay in Revisionary Metaphysics (Oxford, 2009),The Evident Connexion: Mind, Self and David Hume (Oxford, 2011), Locke on personal identity (Princeton 2011). He has been on the scientific advisory board of Center for Subjectivity research since 2002.
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11 March 2015, 14:15-17:00
CFS Workshop: Perspectives on We-intentionality
Speakers include: Ingar Brinck and Henning Nörenberg.
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Zahavi, D.: "Intentionnalité et phénoménalité: un regard phénoménologique sur le 'problème difficile'". Philosophie 124, 2015, 80-104.

Overgaard, S. and Michael, J.: “The Interactive Turn in Social Cognition Research: A Critique”. Philosophical Psychology 28, 2015, 160-183.

Overgaard, S., Gilbert, P. and Burwood, S.: 메타철학이란 무엇인가?, South Korea: T&H Press, 2014.

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