CFS Newsletter No. 6 - 2017

CFS Newsletter No. 6 - 2017

Julie Sommerlund and Kristian Moltke Martiny

Associate dean Julie Sommerlund and Postdoc Kristian Moltke Martiny

Award to Kristian Moltke Martiny

Vanførefondens research award goes to Kristian Moltke Martiny, Postdoc at the Center for Subjectivity Research and departmental director at the Elsass Institute.

The award, which amounts to DKK 100,000, was handed over at the Annual General Meeting of the Vanførefondens årsmøde on 23 May.

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12 June - 13 June 2017 
CFS Workshop: Improvisation in Arts
Speakers and artists included: Stefan Pagels Andersen, Olle Blomberg, Ingar Brinck, Tom Cochrane,  Anders Hougaard, Simon Høffding, Vida Midgelow, Barbara Montero, Torben Snekkestad,  John Sutton, Susanne Ravn and Rasmus Ölme.
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21 September - 22 September 2017 
Empathy, Recognition, Morality     
CFS Conference with confirmed speakers including Stephen Darwall, Jean Decety, John Drummond, Natasha Gill, Uriah Kriegel, Victoria McGeer, Danielle Petherbridge, Philip Pettit, Jason Throop and Dan Zahavi.
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Grant to Dan Zahavi

Professor Dan Zahavi's research project "You and We: Second-person engagement and collective intentionality" has been granted 4,374,778 kr from The Danish Council for Independent Research in the category of Culture and Communication.

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Copenhagen Summer School


14 - 18 August 2017

We look forward to welcoming over 100 participants from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States of America.
Registration is closed. 

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Visiting researchers

Anna Bortolan, University College Dublin, Ireland (30.05.2017-13.06.2017)
Christopher Erhard, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany (02.05.2017-31.03.2018)
Antony Fredriksson,Åbo Akademi, Finland (16.01.2017-31.07.2017)
Marine Kneubühler, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (12.08.2016-31.07.2017)
Henning Nörenberg, University of Rostock, Germany (August 2015-July 2017)

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CFS Blog at The Open Commons of Phenomenology

Zeynep Üsüdür / Curiosity, attention, interest – what are the differences?

Alba Montes Sánchez / Personal identity in the age of genomics

Olle Blomberg / Workshop on Shared and Temporally Extended Agency



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Zahavi, D., Rochat, Ph.: "Embodied mentalization and selfhood: Commentary on 'Mentalizing homeostasis: The social origins of interoceptive inference' by Fotopoulou and Tsakiris." Neuropsychoanalysis 19/1, 2017, 67-69

Montes Sánchez, A., Salice, A.: "Feeling Ashamed of Myself Because of You." In C. Durt, T. Fuchs, C. Tewes (eds.): Embodiment, Enaction, and Culture. Investigating the Constitution of the Shared World (Cambridge, MA.: The MIT Press, 2017), 229-244.

Zahavi, D.: "Thin, Thinner, Thinnest: Defining the Minimal Self." In C. Durt, T. Fuchs, C. Tewes (eds.): Embodiment, Enaction, and Culture. Investigating the Constitution of the Shared World (Cambridge, MA.: The MIT Press, 2017), 193-199.

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About the center

The Center for Subjectivity Research was established in 2002 as an interdisciplinary "Center of Excellence." In the period 2002-2012 it was funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, with supplementary funding from the University of Copenhagen. Currently, it is host to a number of externally funded research projects. It is located at the Faculty of Humanities, and its current staff is affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Theology, and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

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