Social Cohesion

Workshop on Social Cohesion

2-day workshop on the theme of Social Cohesion organised by the CFS and the University of Exeter. Participants will include Sophie Loidolt, Mikko Samela, Alessandro Salice, Dan Zahavi, Thomas Szanto, Mads Gram Henriksen, Luna Dolezal, Joel Krueger, Tom Roberts & Lucy Osler.

Considerations of shared experience, group membership and group identity are undergoing a resurgence in phenomenological circles. Such topics draw on and add to our understanding of our interpersonal relationships and our social world(s). This workshop on 'Social Cohesion' will engage with and build upon on-going and emerging discussions about how we find ourselves together with others, how interpersonal relations impact our sense of identity and how experiences of social cohesion might break down. In particular, the workshop will consider how we should think about social cohesion that occurs 'at a distance', i.e. when the participants are not physically face-to-face with one another. This question will arise both in discussions of how we experience something like 'national identity' as well as considering how we experience one another online.