Husserl and Community

CFS Workshop on Husserl, collective intentionality and social ontology.

About the workshop:
For many years, Husserl has been regarded as a methodological solipsist with little to say on intersubjectivity. Over the past thirty years, this interpretation has been solidly rejected by several leading Husserl scholars. Within the last decade, however, there has also been a growing appreciation of the fact that Husserl did not just investigate empathy and dyadic forms of social relations, but – like many of his contemporaries – also wrote extensively on the nature of community, i.e., on large scale social formations and groups. The reason for the recent upsurge of interest in the topic is undoubtedly due to the continuing publication of Husserliana, which has made hitherto unknown texts by Husserl available to the wider scholarly community. The aim of this workshop is to examine Husserl’s contribution to the field of social ontology from a variety of perspectives. The workshop includes talks that critically compare Husserl’s view with other figures of his time (e.g. Stein) as well as talks that bring Husserl into conversation with contemporary thinkers such as Gilbert, Tuomela, and Searle.

Confirmed speakers include Emanuele Caminada, John Drummond, Sara Heinämaa, Hanne Jacobs, Sophie Loidolt, Molly McGrath, Patricia Meindl, Alessandro Salice, Thomas Szanto, Genki Uemura & Dan Zahavi

The workshop will be hybrid, and online participation is consequently possible.


Thursday, October 14




Sara Heinämaa (University of Jyväskylä)

Vocational Communities – the Husserlian Paradigm


Patricia Meindl (University of Copenhagen) & Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen/University of Oxford)

Mutual Address and Communicative Connectedness


Coffee Break


Sophie Loidolt (Technical University Darmstadt)

Politicizing Husserl’s Transcendental Writings on Community


Lunch Break


Thomas Szanto (University of Copenhagen)

Recognizing the Imagined Community. A Critical Reappraisal of Husserl and Stein on the State


Coffee Break


Molly McGrath (Assumption University)

The Husserlian Account of Culture and Cultural Appropriation


Friday, October 15


Genki Uemura (Okayama University)

Husserl on Community as a Subject of Knowledge


Alessandro Salice (University College Cork)

Husserl on the Spiritual World, Shared Intentionality, and Normativity


Lunch Break


Hanne Jacobs (Tilburg University)

Do you see what I see? On Joint Attention under Non-ideal Conditions


Emanuele Caminada (KU Leuven)

Plural Habits: The Multipolar Structure of Common Mind


Coffee Break


John Drummond (Fordham University)

Community: A Unified Disunity?

Deadline for registration was 7 October 2021.