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Research Presentations and Lectures

Here you find researchers presenting their work at the Center in video presentations or filmed lectures.

Dan Zahavi

In the lecture The Phenomenological We Dan Zahavi explores different phenomenological ideas about the nature of the we by considering the contributions of a variety of different figures in classical phenomenology.

In the lecture Anonymity, intersubjectivity and the self-other differentiation Dan Zahavi discuss different views on how to conceive of the self-other relation and whether a certain amount of compatibilism is possible. The lecture was given 15 January 2016, as part of the series Helsinki Lectures on Intersubjectivity organized by the Centre of Excellence in Intersubjectivity in Interaction.

Mads Gram Henriksen

In this video Mads Gram Henriksen talks about psychosis, hallucinations and reality testing, and touches on his own research in trying to revise concepts in psychiatry through phenomenology and first person accounts.