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23 May 2017

New Japanese Translations of Zahavi's Books

Professor Zahavi's books Self-awareness and Alterity (1999) and Husserl's Phenomenology (2003) are now both available in new Japanese translations, thanks to the work of Takuya Nakamura. 

You can see the new covers for the books below. You can also find them on the publisher's website here.

Self-awareness and Alterity (left) and Husserl's Phenomenology (right).

Zahavi, D.: Jikoisiki to Tasei. Genshogakuteki Tankyu (『自己意識と他性―現象学的探究』). Tokyo: Hosei University Press 2017. (456 pp.).

Zahavi, D.: Husserl no Genshogaku.(『フッサールの現象学』)Kyoto: Koyo Shobo, 2017. (262p.)