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Research projects

Here you can see the larger ongoing projects of the Center.

Finding perspective: Determining the embodiment of perspectival experience
The Finding Perspective project investigates the ways in which experience of the body and experience of the world mutually influence one another. It is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and runs from March 2015 to 2018. Read more.

SHARE: Shared Emotions, Group Membership, and Empathy
The project aims at a better understanding of the role of emotions in interpersonal and intergroup encounters involving  research on group membership induced negative biases, intercultural differences in emotional behavior, and the ‘politics’ of identity-building. Read more.

Psychological and Social Aspects of Cerebral Palsy
The project aims to establish grounds for a more permanent research group at the Elsass Institute, focusing on the psychological and social aspects of cerebral palsy. It is funded by the Elsass Foundation and runs 2016-2019. Read more.