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Research projects

Here you can see the larger ongoing projects of the Center.

The disrupted “we”: Shared intentionality and its psychopathological distortions
The aim of the project is to investigate the notion of shared intentionality and the nature of the we-perspective. The project is funded under the UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research and will run 2013-2016. Read more.
The Genomic History of Denmark
The aim of this multidisciplinary project, which is a collaboration between researchers from the Centre for GeoGenetics and various institutes at the University of Copenhagen, is to make Denmark the first country in the world to map its evolutionary, demographic and health history.... Read more.
Self-understanding and self-alienation
The project offers an empirical and philosophical investigation into self-understanding and identity. The aim is to provide comprehensive answers to questions about self-understanding and experiences of self-alienation. Read more at the project site at Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre.

Intentional Joint Action: Coordination, Responsibility and Agent’s Knowledge
This project aims to improve our understanding of the nature of intentional joint action by focusing on coordination, responsibility and agent’s knowledge. Read more.

Empathy and Interpersonal Understanding
The aim of the research project "Empathy and Interpersonal Understanding" is to contribute to this current debate by investigating two questions: 1) What is empathy and what role does it play in interpersonal understanding? 2) To what extent does interpersonal understanding presuppose a common social and cultural background? Read more.

Finding perspective: Determining the embodiment of perspectival experience
The Finding Perspective project investigates the ways in which experience of the body and experience of the world mutually influence one another. It is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and runs from March 2015 to 2018. Read more.

The embodied affective dimension of collective intentionality
The project will contribute to a more adequate understanding of social phenomena by working out a key factor in social coordination processes: the affective dimension of collective intentionality which is rooted in our bodily existence. It runs 2015 to 2017. Read more.

SHARE: Shared Emotions, Group Membership, and Empathy
The project aims at a better understanding of the role of emotions in interpersonal and intergroup encounters involving  research on group membership induced negative biases, intercultural differences in emotional behavior, and the ‘politics’ of identity-building. Read more.

Psychological and Social Aspects of Cerebral Palsy
The project aims to establish grounds for a more permanent research group at the Elsass Institute, focusing on the psychological and social aspects of cerebral palsy. It is funded by the Elsass Foundation and runs 2016-2019. Read more.