Galen Strawson: "Cognitive phenomenology: real life"

Lecture by Galen Strawson, Department of Philosophy, University of Reading, UK


Cognitive phenomenology starts from something that has been obscured in much recent analytic philosophy: the fact that lived conscious experience isn't just a matter of sensation or feeling, but is also cognitive in character, through and through. This is obviously true of ordinary human perceptual experience, and cognitive phenomenology is also concerned with something more exclusively cognitive, which we may call propositional meaning-experience, e.g. occurrent experience of linguistic representations as meaning something, as this occurs in thinking or reading or hearing others speak.

Professor Galen Strawson is the author of Freedom and Belief, The Secret Connexion, and Mental Reality. He has published many articles on the philosophy of mind, moral philosophy and other subjects. He is currently working on the nature of the self.