CFS Staff

List of employees as well as current visitors staying at the Center for a longer period.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Gyollai, Daniel Postdoc +4535328972 E-mail
Hedges, Tristan PhD Fellow +4535325790 E-mail
Henriksen, Mads Gram Associate Professor +4535335597 E-mail
Lo Presti, Patrizio Ulf Enrico Postdoc +4535329095 E-mail
Montes Sánchez, Alba Postdoc +4535328689 E-mail
Overgaard, Søren Associate Professor +4535328687 E-mail
Parnas, Josef Guest Researcher +4538645500 E-mail
Saabye, Helle Louise Administrator +4535321310 E-mail
Salmela, Mikko Associate Professor +45+358405680684 E-mail
Stephan, Christopher Shawn Postdoc +4535323520 E-mail
Stephensen, Helene Borregaard Enrolled PhD Student +4535333699 E-mail
Stone, Odysseus PhD Student +4535328574 E-mail
Szanto, Thomas Associate Professor +4535333788 E-mail
Vesterager, Mette PhD Fellow +4535337817 E-mail
Zaenker, Julia PhD Fellow +4535332395 E-mail
Zahavi, Dan Professor +4535328690 E-mail