Conference: "Enactive and Phenomenological Approaches to Intersubjectivity"


Drawing on insights from phenomenology, neuroscience, developmental psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, the conference, which is organized by the Marie Curie ITN programme TESIS, addresses the following questions:

  • How do we perceive and share other people’s emotions and intentions?
  • What is the role of empathy and perspective-taking in constituting human sociality?
  • How is social interaction shaped by our bodily experience?

Speakers include Anita Avramides, Cristina Becchio, Sjoerd Ebisch, Thomas Fuchs, Vittorio Gallese, Shaun Gallagher, Hanne De Jaegher, Claas Lahmann, Søren Overgaard, Ezequiel Di Paolo, Vasudevi Reddy, Andreas Roepstorff, Hans-Bernard Schmid, Corrado Sinigaglia and Dan Zahavi.

Prior registration is not required.
The conference is free and open to all, including students. Welcome!

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7 February 2013

9.00-9.10             Introduction and Welcome

9.10-11.10         Section on Interaction and Joint Intentionality

9.10-9.50             Vasudevi Reddy (University of Portsmouth): Joining Intentions

9.50-10.30           Andreas Roepstorff (University of Aarhus): The Proof is in the
                           Pudding: Predictive Persons in Interaction

10.30-11.10         Ezequiel Di Paolo (University of the Basque Country):Interactive
                          Time-travelling and other Interpersonal Determinants of Intentions

11.10-11.25       Coffee break

11.25-12.15         Replies by TESIS Fellows (Katrin Heimann, Glenda Satne, John Elias,
                          Laura Galbusera)

12.15-13.15       Lunch break

13.15-15.15       Section on Embodiment, Simulation and Perspective-Taking

13.15-13.55         Vittorio Gallese (University of Parma): The bodily Self and its motor
                          Potentialities. Behavioral and Neurophysiological Evidence

13.55-14.35         Thomas Fuchs (University of Heidelberg): An Enactive Account of

14.35-15.15         Claas Lahmann (Technical University Munich): Embodiment as core
                           Element in bodily Psychotherapy

15.15-15.30       Coffee break

15.30-16.20         Replies by TESIS Fellows (Miriam Kyselo, Nicole Rossmanith, Tatjana
                          N. Tömmel, Zuzanna Rucinska)

16.20-17.10         Keynote Lecture by Cristina Becchio (University of Turin): Action in
                          Perspective: from Movement Observation to Intention Understanding

17.10-18.10        Poster Session

8 February 2013

9.00-11.00         Section on Social Perception and Empathy

9.00-9.40             Shaun Gallagher (University of Hertfordshire/University of Memphis):
                           Perceiving and Inferring Intentions and Emotions

9.40-10.20           Søren Overgaard (University of Copenhagen):Other Minds and
                           Disjunctivism about Behaviour

10.20-11.00         Sjoerd Ebisch (University of Chieti): Insights from Functional
                          Neuroimaging on the Nature of the altered Self-Other Relationship in

11.00-11.30       Coffee break

11.30-12.20         Replies by TESIS Fellows (Stephanos Ioannou, John McGraw, Elena
                          Cuffari, Zeynep Okur)

12.20-13.10         Keynote Lecture by Anita Avramides (Oxford University):
                          On Seeing that Others have Thoughts and Passions

13.10-14.10       Lunch break

14.10-16.10       Section on Self-Other and We

14.10-14.50         Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen): Empathy, Emotional
                          Sharing, and the We

14.50-15.30         Hanne De Jaegher  (University of the Basque Country): Participatory
                          Sense-making and Interactional Experience

15.30-16.10         Corrado Sinigaglia (University of Milan): Motor Representation and
                          Goal Ascription

16.10-16.30       Coffee break

16.30- 17.20        Replies by TESIS Fellows (Angelique Eydam, Sebastian
                          Wallot, Valentina Fantasia, Krizta Sajber)

17.20-18.10         Keynote lecture by Hans-Bernhard Schmid (University of Vienna):
                          Plural Self-Awareness