CFS Workshop: "Measures of Agency"

Neuroscientific, psychological, and philosophical perspectives on the sense of agency

Workshop: Tuesday 16 April, 2013: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: Auditorium 3, August Krogh Building, Nørre Campus, University of Copenhagen
See map over Nørre Campus

A fast growing number of studies in cognitive neuroscience and psychology investigate the role of consciousness in voluntary movements. “Sense of agency” is often taken to be the subjective mark of voluntary action. Various attempts have been made to device measures of agency on the basis of implicit and explicit measures of the sense of agency. This workshop aims to shed light on the nature and role of the sense of agency by bringing together recent work in cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy.

List of Speakers:

Martin Voss (Neuroscience/Psychiatry, Berlin): “Disturbances of agency in Schizophrenia”

Hong Yu Wong (Philosophy, Tübingen): "Sense of agency and knowledge of agency: How do they relate?"

Morten Overgaard (Cognitive Neuroscience, Aarhus/Aalborg): “Correlation and explanation between different levels of description in the cognitive neuroscience of perception and intention”

Mark Schram Christensen (Neuroscience, Copenhagen): “Probing sensation of movement with brain stimulation”

Thor Grünbaum (Philosophy, Copenhagen): “‘Feeling of agency’ and ‘Judgement of Agency’: How do they relate?”

The workshop is open and free but only has room for a limited number of participants. Registration is required. If you wish to participate, you register by sending a message to with “Measures of agency 16 April” as the subject header. In the message please state in the following format:

1. Surname, Forename

2. Departmental/institutional affiliation


Thor Grünbaum (Philosophy Section, Dept. Media, Cognition, and Communication, University of Copenhagen)

Mark Schram Christensen (Dept. of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen)

Supported by FKK (grant to Phenomenal Consciousness and Cognitive Motor Control), Center for Subjectivity Research (University of Copenhagen), and Neural Control of Movement (University of Copenhagen)