CFS Workshop: From shared experiences to shared identities in infancy and early childhood


Malinda Carpenter

Malinda Carpenter
School of Psychology and Neuroscience
University of St Andrews
St Andrews, Scotland, UK
Department of Developmental and Comparative Psychology
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Leipzig, Germany 



14:15-14:20 Introduction

14:20-16:00 Malinda Carpenter: "From shared experiences to shared identities in       infancy and early childhood"


Beginning in infancy, humans connect with others in special ways:  We get great pleasure out of sharing attention, emotions, attitudes, behavior, and goals with others, and at least by early childhood a deep sense of belonging to a ‘greater’ we – social groups – is also extremely important to us.  I will provide a broad overview of our research on the development of various types of sharing in infancy and early childhood, from work on joint attention and joint action in infancy to work on social-affiliative functions of imitation and groupmindedness in early childhood.  I will focus in particular on our work on young children’s understanding of shared experiences or common ground, and their understanding of belonging and shared identities in the context of group membership.
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The event is free and open to all: everyone is welcome!