Affective Spaces I

CFS Workshop with confirmed speakers: Henning Nörenberg (Rostock/Copenhagen), Jan Slaby (Berlin), Thomas Szanto (Copenhagen) and Gerhard Thonhauser (Vienna).

This is the first of two exploratory workshops on affective spaces, funded by the German Research Council (DFG) as part of the research project NO 1148/1-1 “The embodied affective dimension of collective intentionality”.

Our affective life is spatially extended in a way that other persons, material artifacts or the pervasive quality of a given environment can become central aspects of what we feel. In this perspective, the exploratory workshop will gather insights from various approaches, including studies dedicated to extended emotion, sociality of feeling, affective sharing, affective contagion, emotional atmospheres, in order to arrive at an improved understanding of spatially extended affectivity.

The first part of the workshop takes place on April 5. The second part takes place on May 31. 


The workshop is free and open to all, but registration is required.
Please contact Henning Nörenberg,


Welcome and introduction


Thomas Szanto (Copenhagen): Extended Emotion and Emotional (Self-)Alienation


Gerhard Thonhauser (Vienna): Contagion and Crowd in Max Scheler


Coffee Break


Henning Nörenberg (Rostock/Copenhagen): Collective Moods in Public Space


Jan Slaby (Berlin): Disclosive Postures and Affective Arrangements


Short Break


Final Discussion