Never in Anger

CFS Lecture by Owen Flanagan, James B. Duke Professor of Philosophy, Center for Comparative Philosophy, Duke University, USA

Title: Never in Anger

Owen Flanagan is the James B. Duke University Professor of Philosophy and co-director at the Center for Comparative Philosophy, Duke University, USA.

He also holds appointments in Psychology and Neurobiology and is a Faculty Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience and a steering committee member of the "Philosophy, Arts, and Literature" (PAL) program, and an Affiliate of the Graduate Program in Literature.

His work is in Philosophy of Mind and Psychiatry, Ethics, Moral Psychology, Cross-Cultural Philosophy.

The talk explores two topics: 1.  We live in an orgy of anger.  Anger is normalized and anger is bad for us.  There are good metaphysical and epistemic arguments against anger.  2.  Cross-cultural philosophy reveals many alternative ways to do anger, including at the extreme aiming to eliminate anger altogether.  I discuss some of the pros and cons of using the methods of cross-cultural philosophy in critiquing our (in this case) anger practices, which has some general implications for cross-cultural philosophy.

The event is open to all. Everyone is welcome!