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Recognition, We-Intentionality and Second-Person Engagement

Invited Speakers 

Matthias Haase (University of Chicago)
Andrea Kern (University of Leipzig)
Danielle Petherbridge (University College Dublin)

Workshop description

The concept of recognition has proven highly influential and fertile when engaging with fundamental questions in social and political philosophy. In the contemporary discussion, it is not only suggested that recognition from others is important for the emergence and consolidation of personal identity, but that it also plays a fundamental role for the very constitution of social and institutional reality. At the same time, led under the label of collective- or we-intentionality, a vast amount of literature has been dedicated to shed light on the formation and structure of communities, groups and other social phenomena. Recent developments in this field have paid particular attention to the dynamics of second-personal engagements in illuminating the conditions under which we-intentionality and a sense of ‘us’ emerge.

Although research on recognition and we-intentionality thematises the foundations of human sociality, these two research domains have developed in relative isolation from each other. This workshop aims to bring the discourse on recognition on the one hand, and recent developments within the collective intentionality debate on the other into a fruitful dialogue by raising questions such as the following: To what extent does the we-perspective involve or presuppose recognition? What kind of recognition could be at play in the formation of groups and other collectives? Do second-personal engagements constitute relations of recognition? How, if at all, does second-person engagement relate to normatively rich notions of recognition involving respect, esteem, trust and care (be it in relation to other individuals or other groups, such as minorities)?


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