Shame, Health and Lived Experience

A 2-day workshop organised by the Centre for Subjectivity Research and the Shame and Medicine Project, an interdisciplinary research project investigating the role of shame and negative self-conscious emotions in medicine and healthcare.

Shame, Health and Lived Experience is an interdisciplinary workshop that will bring together scholars and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines and fields to reflect on how experiences of shame may impact on health and wellbeing. Shame remains both under-theorized and under-acknowledged in the contexts of health and medicine, however individuals and practitioners commonly acknowledge that shame is often significant when considering an individual's health status - it can be both a 'symptom' and a possible cause of ill health. The aim of this workshop is to investigate through various disciplinary lenses and approaches how shame manifests in lived experience and the consequences and implications for health.

Confirmed speakers: Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen) & Alba Montes Sánchez (University of Oslo), Carsten Stage (Aarhus University), Ruth Riley (University of Surrey), Dawn Leeming (University of Huddersfield), Jane MacNaughton (Durham University), Will Bynum (Duke University), Phil Hutchinson (Manchester Metropolitan University), Luna Dolezal (University of Exeter) & Barry Lyons (Children’s Health Ireland), and Emily Hartz (University of Copenhagen).

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