Open House at CFS

Join us for Open House at the Center for Subjectivity Research!

We have scheduled an afternoon of short interdisciplinary presentations by our staff that will give an insight into what the center is about and present some of the issues we are currently working on.

All students and employees at the Faculty of Humanities are more than welcome.


15:15 Dan Zahavi Introduction to the center
15:30 Line Ryberg Ingerslev Affectivity and Commitment in Collective Remembering
15:45 Thomas Szanto Political Emotions – What are they (for)?
16:00 Daniel Gyollai Phenomenology, Enactivism, and Collective Forgetting
16:15 Jelle Bruineberg Attending in the Attention Economy
16:30 Mads Gram Henriksen Reconsidering Autism in Schizophrenia
16:45 Søren Overgaard Intentionalism and Perceptual Presence

After the presentations, we invite you to come and join us for a glass of wine at CFS (room 14-3-46).