Subjectivity, Intersubjectivity and Self-representation

First BASIC Workshop: Subjectivity, Intersubjectivity and Self-representation - part of the ESF-EUROCORES programme CNCC.
Denmark, May 9-12, 2007


Session I: Thoughts
Albert Newen: A Theoretical Framework to Investigate Self-consciousness and intersubjectivity
Dan Zahavi: Consciousness, Self-consciousness, and the Sense of Self

Session II: Brains
Avi Snyder: A Default Mode of Brain Function: History of an Evolving Idea
Chris Frith: Imaging Intersubjectivity
Kai Vogeley: Gaze Behavior and Social Cognition

Session III: Consciousness
Phillip Robbins: The Genuine Problem
Hakwan Lau: A Higher-Order Bayesian Decision Theory of Consciousness
Hans Lou: Dopamine Release and Conscious Experience

Session IV: Contexts
Steve Fiore: Adding an Understanding of Teams to Better Understand Social Neuroscience

Session V: Self and Subjectivity
Manos Tsakiris: The Bodily Self: From Body-perception to Body-ownership
Marc Jeannerod: Self-Recognition
Andreas Roepstorff: Mapping Subjectivity

Concluding Discussion

Andreas Roepstorff, University of Aarhus; Josh Skewes, University of Aarhus; Dan Zahavi, University of Copenhagen

This event is part of the European Science Foundation EUROCORES Programme CNCC. It is supported by funds from Danish Research Council for Communication and Culture and from the EC Sixth Framework Programme under Contract no. ERAS-CT-2003-980409.