Anthony Steinbock: "The Formation of Self and Otherness in the Experience of Trust"

This paper addresses the experience of trust and its implications for the self-other relation. By relating trust to the freedom of self and transcendence of another, this paper describes trust as a proffering and as binding the self to another. It further explores the relation between trust as imposition and trust as commitment. Finally, by comparing loving to trusting, it shows how trust extents to third-party relations.

Anthony Steinbock is Professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He is author of Phenomenology and Mysticism: The Verticality of Religious Experience (Indiana, 2007), and Home and Beyond: Generative Phenomenology after Husserl (Northwestern, 1995), and the translator of Edmund Husserl, Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis (Kluwer, 2001). He is Editor-in-Chief of Continental Philosophy Review and General Editor of the SPEP Series at Northwestern University Press.