Workshop with Gavin Flood: "Religion and Subjectivity"

Registered PhD students will have an opportunity to discuss the various aspects of religion and subjectivity with Gavin Flood on the basis of the morning's lecture and on previously studied materials provided by the organizers.

All participating in the course are required to read the following materials which will be provided beforehand by the organizers.

Reading materials:
Gavin Flood: Beyond Phenomenology: Rethinking the Study of Religion, London 1999:
Cassell. (pp.123-142; 175-193)
Greg Urban: "The 'I' of Discourse'", In Ben Lee and Greg Urban (eds.) Semiotics, Self and Society, Berlin 1989: Mouton de Gruyter. (pp. 27-51)

Registration before September 15 by sending an email to Oluf Schönbeck: