CFIN-CFS workshop: "Interventions in Agency and Intersubjectivity"

Interventions in Agency and Intersubjectivity
Joint workshop, CFS & CFIN
Copenhagen, April 20-21, 2009.

The issue of agency, has for some time been a focus of conceptual and experimental concern. However, in real life, actions are rarely done in isolation. What happens to agency when actions are done in the contexts of others, in observation, interaction, synchronization, or competition?

April 20

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-17.00: Agency and Intersubjectivity: Concepts and Approaches

Thor Grünbaum (CFS): "Levels of personal control and agency"
Ivana Konvalinka (CFIN): "Joint Action and Synchronization"
Joel Krueger (CFS): "Agency, Intersubjectivity, and Musical Experience"
Josh Skewes (CFIN): "Bioagency"
Carsten Fogh Nielsen (CFS): "Moral Agency and Ethical Formation – Developmental Pre-Suppositions of Modern Moral Theory"

19.00: Dinner

April 21

9.00-13.00: Agency and Intersubjectivity: Cases and Conclusions

Martijn van Beek (CFIN): "Reflections on Intersubjectivity in Meditative Practice”
Theimo Breyer (CFS): "Intersubjective Fulfilment. Awareness of Self and Other in Social Acts"
Sanne Lodahl (CFIN): "Contextualizing the Other, Situating the Self"
Micah Allen (CFIN): "Co-Constructing Meaning"
Dorothée Legrand (CFIN): "Mirroring Others in Oneself? A Reappraisal of Agency and Intersubjectivity in Cognitive Neurosciences."

13.00 Lunch