Conference: "Self, Ego, Person: Commemorating Husserl's 150th anniversary"

Thursday, October 8

09:00-09:15 Welcome and Introduction
09:15-10:30 Dieter Lohmar (University of Cologne): "A History of the Ego - in Husserl's Phenomenology"
10:30-11:45 Eduard Marbach (University of Bern): "Poor I - Pure or Impure, After All? Husserl's Notion of I Revisited"
11:45-12:45  Lunch break
12:45-14:00 Liangkang Ni (Sun Yat-Sen University): "Zwei Wege zum Denken 'Ich' - Neuer Blick auf drei Texte von Husserl um 1920"
14:00-15:15 Shigeru Taguchi (Yamagata University): "Beyond Plurality and Monistic Origin: The Concept of ‘Primal Ego' in Husserl"
15:15-15:45 Coffee break 
15:45-17:00 Natalie Depraz (University of Rouen): "Self-Givenness and First-Person Givenness"


Friday, October 9

09:00-09:15  Coffee 
09:15-10:30  Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen): "Self and Other in Husserl
10:30-11:45  Steven Crowell (Rice University): "Subject and Person
11:45-12:45  Lunch break 
12:45-14:00  John Drummond (Fordham University): "Virtuous Persons
14:00-15:15  Sara Heinämaa (Uppsala University): "Understanding Persons, Motivations and Capacities
15:15-15:45  Coffee break 
15:45-17:00 David Carr (Emory University): "World and Self in Husserl's Phenomenology

The conference is organized by Dan Zahavi and Line Ryberg Ingerslev.

Participation is free but please register for the conference by sending an email to: