Workshop: "Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences"

Workshop: Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences

Workshop aimed at PhD-students and post-doc researchers

January 14-15, 2010, at the University of Copenhagen

Confirmed speakers:

Jeroen Smeets (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, NL)
Sid Kouider (CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure LSCP, Paris, FR)
Yves Rossetti (Lyon Medical School/Inserm U864, FR)
Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze (University College London, UK)
Jean-Philippe Lachaux (Inserm U821, Lyon, FR)
Dorothée Legrand (CNRS, CREA, Paris, FR)
Tim Bayne (University of Oxford, UK)
Alva Noë (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Shaun Gallagher (University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA)
Naomi Eilan (University of Warwick, Coventry, UK)
Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen, DK)

The workshop is open to a limited number of PhD-students and post-doc researchers.

The cognitive science and philosophical communities experience a growing interest in a systematic and detailed study of phenomenal consciousness. This type of phenomenological research has shown itself to be a fruitful meeting point not only for philosophers coming from different theoretical backgrounds but equally for a mutually benefiting and constraining interaction among philosophers and cognitive scientists. Cognitive scientists need philosophers to draw necessary distinctions inside and outside the domain of consciousness and philosophers need science to explore the actual variants and limitations of phenomenal consciousness. The workshop will investigate these different relations between cognitive science and philosophy in the study of phenomenal consciousness. Papers will address the issue from a methodological perspective as well as from a more "immersed" perspective focusing on perception, action, emotion, etc.

Participation is free, but travel costs and accommodation must be covered by the participants themselves. To foster stimulating and constructive interaction among the participants, the workshop has room for only a limited number of participants. We cannot guarantee a place for everyone interested. For further information, contact Thor Grünbaum (

Registration is closed.