18 April 2016

CFS courses - Fall 2016

Courses taught by staff members of Center for Subjectivity at UCPH the coming semester are now available on our site for further exploration.

Søren Overgaard, Jan Faye (MEF) og Thor Grünbaum (MEF)
Module 5/BA: Teoretisk filosofi 1: Bevidsthedsfilosofi og metafysik [Theoretical philosophy 1: Philosophy of Mind and Metaphysics]
Time and place: TBA

Olle Blomberg
COG/PHILO - MA: Social Cognition
Time and place: TBA

Felipe León
Module 9/MA: Central Topics in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind
Time and place: TBA

More information on the specific courses can be found by following the links in their titles. For more information on our courses this semester, and on EASE workshops, see Courses.