12 October 2015

Falling Walls

Kristian Martiny wins first prize and audience choice for best "breakthrough scientific idea in an innovative format" at the research contest Falling Walls (Århus Lab).    

Kristian wanted to break the walls of closed minds by showing how to open up cognitive science and embody the current claim that the mind is embodied, embedded, enacted and extended, in order to help persons with congenital brain damage (cerebral palsy). He presented three projects of open science: 1) Open Therapy, 2) Open Experiments, and 3) Open Media, which also was a presentation of the new Danish documentary, Naturens Uorden which premiered 7 October 2015. 

Kristian is sent to Berlin to represent Denmark at the Falling Walls Lab finale 8 November. We wish him the best of luck.

Read about the project in the new edition of Humanist (in Danish) or see the research profile of Kristian Moltke Martiny.