2 May 2016

Human Afvikling at the Royal Danish Theatre

Journalist and comedian Jacob Nossel, suffering from Cerebral Palsy, theatre director Thomas Corneliussen, and postdoc at the Center Kristian Martiny have collaborated to develop a modern day theatre piece called "Human Afvikling" (Danish). The play gives you a surprising, entertaining and yet brutally honest view on life with a handicap in Denmark 2016.

A pilot version of "Human Afvikling" played at The Old Stage (Gamle Scene) in 2014 and recieved great attention, partly due to its central role in the documentary film Natural Disorder which was nominated at IDFA, one of the world's leading documentary film festivals, in 2015.

one of the world's leading documentary film festivals - See more at: https://www.idfa.nl/industry.aspx#sthash.psa34rch.dpuf

The piece will play at The Playhouse (Skuespilhuset) from 19 October and onwards.

For more information see the site on the Royal Danish Theatres webpage (in Danish).

Kristian Martiny and Jacob Nossell, photo from feature article in the university magasine Humanist.