23 September 2014

Olle Blomberg Receives DFF-MOBILEX Mobility Grant

In cooperation with the Marie Curie Program under FP7, the Danish Council for Independent Research, DFF-MOBILEX mobility grants 1.845.600 DKK towards Olle Blomberg's project Intentional Joint Action: Coordination, Responsibility and Participant's Knowledge.

The grants are awarded with the aim of providing younger researchers the best possible conditions for starting up international research activities at a high scientific level.


In the beginning of 2015, Olle Blomberg will join the Center for Subjectivity Research.

Project description

Many of the things humans do intentionally, they do together with others. Such activities are not mere sets of coordinated individual actions. Two friends going for a walk together are not like two strangers walking in parallel, each trying to avoid colliding with the other.

In light of such contrasting cases, various philosophical accounts of the nature of intentional joint action have been proposed. The project aims to improve our understanding of joint agency by focusing on three aspects of this phenomenon: joint agency as coordination toward a common goal, joint agency as the foundation of collective responsibility, and joint agency as activity involving a distinct kind of knowledge that participants (but not observers) have of what they are doing together.

The project aims to provide theoretical tools for empirical research on joint action, and, potentially, to inform moral and legal practice by providing guidance on when a group of people can be held responsible (as a group) for a joint action or outcome.

Blomberg was awarded his PhD from University of Edinburgh in July 2013 with a thesis on joint action and social cognition. His research interests are primarily in the philosophy of mind and action, social ontology, and the philosophy of cognitive science.