24 October 2016

Simon Høffding in The New York Times

Simon Høffding' s dissertation is mentioned in an article by David Allen in The New York Times.

Back in 2012 and 2013, the members of the Danish String Quartet, who appear at Carnegie Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 26, had an unusual traveler accompany them on a tour through Denmark and England: a phenomenologist named Simon Hoffding. Then a doctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen, he was troubled by a philosophical question: “What kind of self is present when the musician is deeply into his music?”

Being asked to think about how they think was no easy task, the violist Asbjorn Norgaard, 31, said over lunch at Tanglewood this past summer: Playing, after all, takes place “on such a subconscious level.” Even so, in his dissertation, Mr. Hoffding used interviews with the quartet’s players to come up with a taxonomy of how top musicians experience their performances.

Link to article "This String Quartet Has a Line of Craft Beer".

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The Mind and Brain of the Expert Musician