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Preparatory Material for the Summer School

Here you will find a number of resources that we and our keynote lecturers have provided to prepare you for the Summer School. Even if you are familiar with phenomenology in your own studies, the below materials should be helpful to orient you to the specific topics that will be covered during the sessions.

This year we have prepared a video presentation that will introduce you to basic ideas in phenomenology. We especially encourage those of you who are not already familiar with phenomenology to see the video.

Readings Recommended by Our Keynotes

We also encourage you to take a look at the following readings before arriving in Copenhagen. The readings were identified as relevant for understanding the lectures and will be part of the group discussions. We thus strongly recommend that you read them as preparation for attending the Summer School.

Note: You will need an account (free of charge) to access some of the readings.

Dan Zahavi

Tanja Staehler

Fredrik Svenaeus

  • Svenaeus, F. (2017). Preface & Table of Contents. In Phenomenological bioethics: Medical technologies, human suffering, and the meaning of being alive. Routledge. URL:

  • Svenaeus, F. (forthcoming). “Dying Bodies and Dead Bodies: A Phenomenological Analysis of Dementia, Coma, and Brain Death”. In E. Dahl & C. Falke (eds.) Phenomenology of the Broken Body. London: Routledge. URL:

Mark Rowlands

  • TBA

Søren Overgaard