2013 – University of Copenhagen

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Courses 2013

Spring 2013

Glenda Satne, James Jardine and Adrian Alsmith
Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind, 1st Module: Introduction to Central Topics in Phenomenology and Recent Philosophy of Mind
Mondays 10-12

Adam Farley
Empirical Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Communication
Fridays 10-12

Fall 2013

Dan Zahavi and Joona Taipale
Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind 2, Husserl’s Ideen
Mondays 9-12

Søren Gosvig Olesen, Dario Gonzales and Simon Høffding
Kontinental filosofi
Wednesdays 8-11 (Simon Høffding)

Søren Overgaard and Mads Gram Henriksen
Fænomenologi og eksistensfilosofi
Tuesdays 13-15
Thursdays 14-17

Glenda Satne and Søren Overgaard
Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind 3, Perception and Justification
Wednesdays 10-12

Adrian Alsmith
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Wednesdays 15-17
Fridays 10-13

Adrian Alsmith
Embodied and Embedded Cognition
Wednesdays 12-15
Fridays 8-10