Second-Person Engagement and Group Identification

The general aim of the conference is to discuss different conceptualizations and empirical investigations on second-person engagement and group identification, and explore interrelations between them.

The conference is part of the project "You and We: Second-Person Engagement and Collective Intentionality", funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark, and it is co-organized by Felipe León and Dan Zahavi.

Confirmed speakers

  • Malinda Carpenter (University of St. Andrews, UK)
  • Daniel Dukes (University of Amsterdam, NL)
  • Naomi Eilan (Warwick University, UK)
  • Arto Laitinen (University of Tampere, FI)
  • Henrike Moll (University of Southern California, US)
  • Vasudevi Reddy (University of Portsmouth, UK) 
  • Philippe Rochat (Emory University, Atlanta, US)
  • Patricia Meindl (CFS – University of Copenhagen, DK)
  • Dan Zahavi (CFS – University of Copenhagen, DK)
  • Felipe León (CFS – University of Copenhagen, DK)