Mikko Salmela

Mikko Salmela

Associate Professor

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    Mikko Salmela                                   CV (29.8.2021)

    Mikko Erkki Matias Salmela

    Center for Subjectivity Research

    Department of Communication

    Faculty of Humanities

    University of Copenhagen


    Phone +358-40-568 0684 (cell) 

    Email mikko.salmela@hum.ku.dk

    Place of Birth: Oulainen, Finland

    Date of Birth: 21.1.1967

    Nationality: Finnish

    Home address: Luhtatie 3 C, 02760 Espoo



    Academic profile

    AoS: Philosophy of Emotions, Philosophy of Sociality, Philosophical Psychology, Political Psychology, History of Finnish Philosophy, Interdisciplinarity

    AoC: Social and Political Philosophy


    Academic degrees

    1999                         Title of Docent (practical philosophy), University of Helsinki

    1998                         D. Soc.Sc., University of Helsinki (eximia cum laude approbator)

    1995                         Lic. Soc.Sc., University of Helsinki (laudatur)

    1992                         M. Soc.Sc, University of Helsinki, (eximia cum laude approbator)

    Other education and training, qualifications and skills

    2017                         University Leadership Program, (8 ECTS), University of Helsinki

    2014                         Psychology (61 ECTS), University of Helsinki

    Present position

    1/2020–                   Associate Professor, Center for Subjectivity Research, Department of Communication. University of Copenhagen


    Previous positions

    1/2019–12/2019    Head of Discipline, Practical Philosophy, University of Helsinki

    8/2014–12/2019    University Researcher, Practical Philosophy, University of Helsinki

    8/2009–7/2014      Academy Researcher, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki

    7/2008–7/2009      University Researcher, University of Helsinki, Department of Social and Moral             Philosophy

    8/2006–7/2007      Academy Researcher, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki

    8/2004–7/2006      University Researcher, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University

                                   of Helsinki

    10/2003–5/2004    Professor(acting), Department Practical Philosophy, University of Helsinki

    8/2001–9/2003      Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Practical Philosophy, University of Helsinki

    5/1992–7/2001      Researcher, Department of Practical Philosophy, University of Helsinki

    9/2002–6/2005      Visiting teacher, University of Vaasa

    1992–2008              Part-time teacher, Open University, University of Helsinki

    1991–1995              Visiting teacher, Faculty of Law,University of Lapland


    Research funding and leadership

    9/2016–8/2020 Academy of Finland research project “Interdisciplining the university – towards sustainable knowledge production”, Principal Investigator.

    1/2018–12/2020 Kone Foundation research project “Naapuridialogien affektiiviset lähtökohdat” (Affective Foundations of Neiborhood Dialogues), Principal Investigator.

    1/2017–12/2018 NOS-HS-project “The philosophy and practice of improvisation”, Principal Investigator


    International visits and most important research grants

    8/2009–11/2009    LMU München, Dept. of Philosophy, Alexander von Humboldt fellowship

    8/2006–7/2007      LMU München, Dept. of Philosophy, Alexander von Humboldt fellowship

    9/2001–5/2002      University of Texas at Austin, Dept. of Philosophy


    Teaching and examination of doctoral dissertations

    • Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind (MA course, UCPH, with Thomas Szanto, spring 2021)
    • Political Philosophy (BA course, UCPH, with Kristian Høyer Toft, spring 2021)
    • Collective Intentionality (MA course, UCPH, with Felipe León and Dan Zahavi, autumn 2020)
    • 30 Graduate and undergraduate courses taught at University of Helsinki, University of Vaasa, University of Lapland, and LMU München between 1991-2017
    • 3 examinations of doctoral dissertations at University of Helsinki, University of Tampere, and University of Stockholm


    Professional service, refereeing, and memberships in academic societies

    Referee for 18 journals (Ethics, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Mind, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophical Explorations, Philosophia (Israel), Emotion Review, The Philosophical Quarterly, dialectica, Synthese, Journal of Social Ontology, Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior, Journal of Value Inquiry, Consciousness & Emotion, Mind & Language, Œconomia – History/Methodology/Philosophy, Perspectives on Science, Ajatus), 1 publisher (Springer), and 1 research agency (Austrian Science Fund)

    2001–2004              National Editor, Bibliographie de la Philosophie/Bibliography of Philosophy

    2008–2013              Consultant Editor, Nursing Ethics

    2018–                       Associate Editor, Emotion Review

    2018–                       Member of Editorial Board, Emotions and Society

    Memberships in International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE); European Society for Philosophical Study of Emotion (EPSSE); European Sociological Association (ESA); International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP); The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies; The Finnish Philosophical Society (SFY); The Westermarck Society (Finnish Sociological Association)


    Language skills

    Finnish                     Native language

    English                     Excellent

    Swedish                   Good

    German                   Fair


    Scientific and social impact of research  

    95 publications of which 60 peer-reviewed



    Associate Professor

    ID: 235448966