Phenomenological Research Seminars - Autumn 2023

Participation for Center Staff only

Venue: South Campus, room 14-3-46

Time: Tuesdays from 13:15-14:30 (except 26/9, 31/10, 28/11 where it is from 16:15-17:30)

Time: Tuesdays 13:15-14.30

05 September Introduction
12 September Jelle Bruineberg:
”Attention is an effect, but not a byproduct”
19 September Søren Overgaard:
26 September Ellie Anderson:
"Self-Interpretation, Narrative, and Inference”
03 October Discussions about work habits, journal submissions etc.
10 October Christopher Stephan:
“Narrative and Unavowed Aspects of Group Membership”
24 October Daniel Gyollai:
“Mitigating the costs of collaborative remembering: A phenomenological account of mnemonic convergence”
31 October Reserved for visitors (TBA)
07 November Tris Hedges:
“Social constitution and experiencing ‘we-ness’”
14 November Line Ryberg Ingerslev:
“Commitment and Collective Remembering”
21 November Patrizio Lo Presti:
“Saying who we are and "the specified range constraint”
28 November Satoshi Urai:
“Tanabe Hajime’s Social Ontology as a Phenomenology of Social Reality”
05 December Mikko Salmela & Thomas Szanto:
“Two types of resentment”