Research projects

Here you can see the larger ongoing projects of the center.

Antagonistic Political Emotions: An Integrative Philosophical Analysis
This project will investigate what it means to experience political emotions, provide detailed analyses of specifically antagonistic political emotions, clarify their role in political identification and group formation, consider their normative functions and appropriateness conditions, and examine how they arise in face-to-face encounters, social movements, as well as online contexts.

Who Are We? Self-identity, Social Cognition, and Collective Intentionality
The project will investigate what it means to feel, think, and act as part of a we. Its guiding hypothesis is that a systematic account of the we must be embedded in a more comprehensive investigation of selfhood and social cognition.

Psychological and Social Aspects of Cerebral Palsy
The project aims to establish grounds for a more permanent research group at the Elsass Institute, focusing on the psychological and social aspects of cerebral palsy. It is funded by the Elsass Foundation and runs 2016-2019.

You and We: Second-Person Engagement and Collective Intentionality

The aim of the project is to better understand the relation between interpersonal understanding, collective intentionality, and group-identification.