Phenomenological Research Seminars Spring 2021

Participation for center staff only

Time: 13:15-15
Venue: 14-3-46/Online

February 2


February 9

Mette Vesterager:
”Phenomenological therapy and the lifeworld”

February 23

Dan Zahavi:
“Critical phenomenological psychopathology”

March 2

Lucy Osler:
“From the (Dis)Comfort of One’s Home: World-travelling Online in the Time of Covid-19”

March 9

Ody Stone:

March 16

Alba Sánchez and Alessandro Salice:
“Hetero-Induced Pride and Group Identification?”

March 23 Thomas Szanto:
“Sartre on Bullshit and Epistemic Exploitation”
April 6


April 13

Thomas Wittendorf:
“Socializing Ontological Guilt: On Arendt’s Critique and Transformative Appropriation of Heidegger’s Account of Schuld and Geworfenheit

April 20 Mads Gram Henriksen:
”Delusions in Schizophrenia”
April 27

Søren Overgaard:
“Once More unto the Breach: Husserl and Disjunctivism”

May 4

Maja Zandersen:
“Identification’ in Psychoanalysis”

May 11

Dominik Zelinsky:
“Charisma and Community”


May 25

Ruth Rebecca Tietjen:
“Fear, Fanaticism, and Fragile Identities”