Phenomenological Research Seminars - Spring 2024

Participation for Center Staff only

Venue: South Campus, room 14-3-46

Time: Tuesdays from 13:15-14:30

06 February
13 February
Jason Day
“Expansion (and Contraction) of Consciousness During Psychedelic Experiences”
20 February
Knowledge exchange
27 February
Alessandro Salice & Hamid Taieb (on zoom)
“Objective Looks and Realist Phenomenology”
05 March
Andrij Wachtel
“Why We Need a ‘Humbler’ Naturalism and a ‘Nosier’ Phenomenology: An Attempt at a Phenomenological Critique of Enactivism”
12 March
Søren Overgaard
“Veridicality and Perceptual Success”
19 March
Lorenzo Posocco
“The Perpetual Stage: Nature, Nation and the Transgenerational We”
02 April
Daniel Gyollai
“Enactive processes of collective m”emory”
09 April
Rasmus Handest
“Psychopathology and social function in patients with schizophrenia”
16 April
Laura Oppi
“Imagination as a common ground between hallucinations and confabulations”
23 April
Jelle Bruineberg
“Attention and the relevance problem”
30 April
Kasper Møller
“Epistemic Injustice in Psychiatry: A Call for Moderation and Nuances”
07 May
Alessandro Anzà
"Future-Maker Generations. Transtemporal Social Ontology and Transgenerationality"
14 May
Anne Reichold
“Social Philosophy of Resentment”
21 May
Patrizio Lo Presti
“Who are the producers and consumers of reasons for collective self-conceptions? ‘Pittsburgh marxism’ and the ‘we’”
28 May
David Johnson
“Phenomenality and Inter-Animality”