Phenomenological Research Seminars - Autumn 2022

Participation for Center Staff only

Time: Tuesdays 13:15-14.30

Venue: 14-3-46

September 13    Alexander Wendt:
”Phenomenological Crowd Psychology”
September 20  

Jussi Saarinen:

“Developing a Niche Construction Approach to Artistic Creativity”

September 27   

Bernhard Ritter:

"Husserlian 'Moments' and the Type/Token Distinction”

October 4          Various topics to be discussed (re department, CFS, publications etc.)
October 11      

Christopher Stephan:

“Self-concept as Group Commitment”

October 25

Joonas Martikainen:

“Hope, Human Time, and Political Agency”

November 1

Mads Gram Henriksen:

“What is Autism?”

November 8      Tristan Hedges:
“Us and Them: The Role of Power in We-relations”
November 15

Patrizio Lo Presti:

“The We of Pre-reflective Normative Coincidence and Co-contribution”

November 22   

Thomas Szanto:

“Affective Resonance and Collective Emotions: Fathoming the Bodily Dimensions of Emotional Sharing”

December 13    Afternoon seminar