Phenomenological Research Seminars autumn 2020

Participation for Center Staff only
Time: 13-15
Venue: 14-3-46

September 1

Introduction and general info

September 8

Maria Brincker:
The opaque mediation of action: thoughts on its magic & its vulnerabilities  

September 15

Mette Vesterager:
The I and We – Selfhood, sociality, and the role of habit

September 22

Josef Parnas and Erik Sandsten:
The Gestalt of disordered selfhood in schizophrenia

September 29

Gregor Bös:
Husserl’s Verificationism

October 6

Sara Heinämaa and James Jardine:
Objectification, inferiorization, and projection in phenomenological research on dehumanization 

October 20


Nicola Spano:
The person as an I who is in a community of will with other I’s

October 27

Linas Tranas:

November 3

Ody Stone:
Nondual mindfulness: a phenomenological perspective

November 10

Mikko Salmela:
The appropriateness of hetero-induced pride

November 17

Felipe León:
Love, community, and the we

December 8

Whole day seminar