Phenomenological Research Seminars autumn 2019

Participation is for center staff only

Time: 11:00-12:30 
Venue: 16.1.16 - From Oct. 22 meeting room 14.3.46

September 3

Introduction and general info

September 10         

Søren Overgaard: 

Occlusion and Backlighting

September 17

Overgaard and Zahavi:

The ABC of article submission

September 24         

David Lo:

The Resistance of the Other in the ‘I-Thou’ Relationship in Romantic Lyric Poetry

October 1

Patricia Meindl:

From another, to a you, to a we.
On the role of communication in second-personal relations.

October 8

Angelica Stathopolous:

Sleep as lateral passivity

October 22


Ody Stone: 

Mind, World and Experience in the Contemporary Mindfulness Movement

October 29

Yang Li: 

Schapp and Hofmann contra Husserl 

November 5

Helene Stephensen:
Double bookkeeping and schizophrenia: reality and psychosis from a phenomenological perspective

November 12

Harri Mäcklin: 
Aesthetic Self-Forgetfulness

December 3 

Whole day seminar