Phenomenological Research Seminars

Autumn 2017 

Participation is for center staff only

Time: 11:00-12:30 
Venue: 16.1.16

September 5

Introduction and general info

September 12

Raphaël Millière:

“Is consciousness reflexive?”

September 19

Mark Solms:

“How and why consciousness arises” (11:00-12:45)

September 26

James Lewis:

“I-Thou relations and Agape”

October 3

Daniel Landau:

“Exploring self with VR” (room 24.5.62)

October 10

Zeynep Üsüdür:

Curiosity as Desire

October 24

Kristian Moltke Martiny:

“A radical proposal: The ENACT hypothesis for attitude change”

October 31

Juan Toro:

“Embodiment and the theory of affordances”

November 7


Felipe León:

“Semyon L. Frank on I, you, and we: historical and systematic aspects”

November 14

Søren Overgaard:

“Seeing as and seeing that”

November 21

Josef Parnas & Mads Gram Henriksen:

“The minimal self in psychopathology”