Phenomenological Research Seminars

Spring 2016

Participation is for center staff only

Time: 11:00-12:30 AM
Venue: 25.5.11

February 9

Introduction and general info

March 1

Holly Havens:
"Unreachable: Exploring the relationship between loneliness and depression"

March 8

Alba Montes Sanchez:
"Can genomics tell us who we are?"

March 15

Liesbeth de Kock:
"Transcendental Idealism and the Body: The Case of Johann Gottlieb Fichte"

March 29

Tao DuFour:
"Husserl and Architecture: Toward a Phenomenological Ethnography of Space”

April 5

Henning Nörenberg:
"Embodied concerns in affective intentionality"

April 12

Mads Gram Henriksen og Lars Siersbæk Nilsson:
"Schizophrenia and Distorted Intersubjectivity: Conceptual and Clinical Considerations" 

April 19


April 26

Adrian Alsmith:
"Perceiving oneself"

May 3

Josef Parnas and Helene Borregaard Stephensen: "Mari Nagai's description and conceptualization of self-disorder in schizophrenia:Implications for a discussion of the structure of the self"

June 7

Whole day seminar