Phenomenological Research Seminars

Autumn 2014

Participation is for center staff only.

Time: 11:00-12:30 AM Venue: 25.5.11

September 2 Introduction and general info
September 9 Yoshiaki Motobayashi:
"Kimura's clinical philosophy"
September 16

Thomas Szanto:
"Distrusting collectives"

September 23

Part 1: Lisa Villadsen:
Task force etc.

Part 2: Simon Høffding and Kristian Moltke Martiny
”The Phenomenological Interview: What, Why, and How”

September 30

Oren Bader:
"Socializing attention: Toward a better understanding of human social attention"

October 7

Joona Taipale:
“Empathy and anachronism”

October 28

Adrian Alsmith:
"Forms of Perspective in Sight and Touch"

November 4

Alba Montes Sanchez:
“Shame and trauma: placing survivor shame in a broader emotional territory”

November 11

Felipe León:
“An interactionist approach to shared cognition: some prospects and challenges”

November 18

Zeynep Üsüdür:
“What is curiosity? – the need for a phenomenological approach”

November 25

Vasudevi Reddy:
“Engaging with directive intentions” 

December 16

Whole day seminar