Phenomenological Research Seminars

Spring 2018


Participation is for center staff only

Time: 11:00-12:30 
Venue: 16.1.16

February 6

Introduction and general info

February 13         

 Thomas Arnold:

“The object(s) of phenomenology”

February 20

 Felipe León:

“Three phenomenological approaches to the I-Thou relation”

February 27

Christopher Erhard:

“Negativity in Reinach and Sartre"

March 6

Takashi Ikeda:

“Phenomenological Perspectives on Implicit Bias”

March 13

Christina Friedlaender:

"Shared Intentions and Ideal Theory" 

March 20

Madelaine Ley:

“Empathy and the Sense of Touch”

April 3

Juan Toro:

“What happens in the encounter between people with and without cerebral palsy?”

April 10


Patricia Meindl:

“Schutz and Litt on Reciprocity”

April 17

Xing Liu:

“The Phenomenology of Metaphor”

April 24

Yang Li:

“The pregiven meaningfulness of sensation in Husserl’s later writings”

June 12

Whole day seminar