Fall 2013 – University of Copenhagen

Phenomenological Research Seminars Fall 2013 

Participation is for center staff only.

Time: 11:00-12:30 AM
Venue: 25.5.11

September 3       Introduction and visit by Maja Horst
                         (meeting starts at 10:00)
September 10     Josef Parnas and Mads Henriksen:
                         "Structural analogy between a mystic and
                          a (primary) delusional experience"
September 17     Jakob Hohwy:
                          “The self-evidencing brain”
September 24     Adrian Alsmith:
                          “No marks for the ownership account”
October 1            Glenda Satne:
                          ”On the Natural Origins of Content”
October 8            Yuko Ishihara:
                           “The a priori concept in Nishida Kitaro”
October 22          Søren Overgaard and Adrian Alsmith:
1) article submissions and revisions
                          2) Brief introduction to reference manager systems
November 5        Felipe Leon: 
                          "We-intentionality, methodological individualism and collectivism"
November 12      Kristian Moltke Martiny:
                          “An intentional analysis of cerebral palsy”    
November 19      Alessandro Salice:
                          “Acts of terror as collective acts of violence”
November 26      Harald Wiltsche:
                          “How to Approach Intuitions? -
                           A Plea for Phenomenal Conservativism”
December 10       Whole day seminar