Phenomenological Research Seminars - Spring 2023

Participation for Center Staff only
Venue: 14-3-46

Time: Tuesdays 11:15-12.30

February 7 Introduction (12:00-12.30)
February 14 Thomas Szanto:
”‘Collective Intentionality’ as a Concept in Phenomenology”
February 21 Alba Sanchez:
“Towards a phenomenology of nostalgia and the sense of belonging in migration”
February 28 Julia Zaenker:
"Understanding others”
March 7 CFS discussion: Work habits

Time: Tuesdays 13:15-14.30

April 11 Joonas Martikainen:
“Fundamental Trust and Political Agency”
April 18 Daniel Gyollai:
“The Inauthenticity of Policing: Obedience and Oblivion”
April 25 Mikko Salmela:
“Collective ressentiment”
May 2 Christopher Stephan:
“Managing Common Ground in Narrative”
May 9 Niklas Noé Steinmüller:
“Pain, suffering, and the loss of the ‘Heimwelt’”
May 16 Patrizio Lo Presti:
"Disambiguating individuality and methodological individualism”
May 23 Maja Zandersen:
"Autism and schizotypal disorder: Two case-studies”