Phenomenological Research Seminars - Spring 2022

Participation for Center Staff only

Time: Tuesdays 13:15-15

Venue: 14-3-46

8 February Introduction

15 February 

Lillian Wilde:
”Trauma, Alienation, and Intersubjectivity: A Phenomenological Account of Post-  

    traumatic Experiences”

22 February Odysseus Stone & Jelle Bruineberg:
“Embodied Attention”
8 March Nils Holtug:
15 March Knowledge Exchange
22 March Lucy Osler:
“WTF? - Indignation and the Internet”
29 March Felipe Leon:
“Joint Attention, Communication, and the We”
5 April Ruth Rebecca Tietjen & Thomas Szanto:
“The Appropriateness and Fittingness of Political Emotions”
19 April Fredrik Westerlund:
“Exposed: On Shame and Nakedness”
26 April Dominik Zelinsky:
“Charisma and We-relations in the Online World”
3 May Søren Overgaard:
"The Puzzle of Modal Completion”
10 May  Julia Zaenker:
"Second-person Engagements and Social Acts”
17 May 

Mikko Salmela:

"Many Routes to Feelings of Togetherness in Shared Emotions”

31 May

Patricia Meindl:

"'Hi, A.I.!’ – Phenomenological Perspectives on the Communicative Encounter with

   Social Robots