Phenomenological Research Seminars spring 2020

Participation for Center Staff only

Time: 10-12
Venue: 14-3-38

February 4


February 18

Dooley Murphey:
Demonstrating VR. OBS - Meeting starts 10.00 in room 14-0-46

March 10

Josef Parnas & Mads Gram Henriksen:
“Empirical studies of self-disorders”

March 17    

Ruth Rebecca Tietjen:
“On the social constitution of fanatic feelings”

March 24

Sonia Maria Lisco:
"Feeling of familiarity and socio-communicative realm: a Husserlian perspective”

April 14          

Mikko Salmela & Alessandro Salice:
“What are emotional mechanisms?”

April 28


Jannik Mosekjær Hansen:
“Ästhetische einfühlung – on the origin of a scientific concept. A historical-conceptual analysis of einfühlung in German aesthetics. 1873 – 1911”

May 5

Linas Tranas:
"Sharing emotions and Group Identification" (NB – different venue: 14-4-32)

May 12

Odysseus Stone:

May 19

Søren Overgaard:

May 26

Patricia Meindl:
“Between Fusion and Recognition. On Axel Honneth’s Theory of Group Formation”