Phenomenological Research Seminars

Autumn 2018


Participation is for center staff only

Time: 11:00-12:30 
Venue: 16.1.16

September 4

Introduction and general info

September 11         

 Anthony Vincent Fernandez:

“A Truly Genetic Phenomenology”

September 18



September 25

Odysseus Stone:

"Phenomenology and the Epistemology of Meditation"

October 2

Patricia Meindl:

“Martin Buber's account of the 'essential We' 

October 9

Hynek Janousek:

"The Charm of Hume's Treatise: Husserl on Hume's Transcendental Empiricism."

October 23

Lucy Osler:

"Emotional contagion and affective atmosphere"

October 30

Jaakko Belt:

"A Husserlian Remedy for Dennett’s Phenomenological Scepticism"

November 6


Søren Overgaard:

"The vertical-horizontal illusion"

November 13

Fulin Yue:

"Husserl’s thoughts on death"

November 20

Juan Toro:

"Physical disabilities and the normativity of affordances"

December 11

Whole day seminar