Phenomenological Research Seminars Spring 2014 

Participation is for center staff only.

Time: 11:00-12:30 AM
Venue: 25.5.11

February 4 Introduction and general info
February 18 Annemarie van Stee:
“And/and: philosophy and cognitive neuroscience investigating the self” 
February 25 Alba Montes Sánchez: 
“Shame as the fear of recognition: Cavell on Shakespeare’s King Lear”
March 11 Alessandro Salice: “Reinach on Promises: Social Essences vs Social Conventions.”
March 18   James Jardine: “Empathy and motivation”
March 25 Zhida Luo:
“Similarity and twofold bodily manifestations: Husserl’s theory of analogizing apperception revisited.”
April 1 Joona Taipale: “Empathy and typification” 
April 8 Søren Overgaard:
“Beyond Relationalism and Representationalism?”
April 22 Arne Grøn:
 “Understanding and 'Befindlichkeit'"
April 29 Mads Gram Henriksen and Josef Parnas:
“Rationality, double bookkeeping, and schizophrenia”
June 4 Whole day seminar