Phenomenological Research Seminars

Autumn 2015

Participation is for center staff only

Time: 11:00-12:30 
Venue: 25.5.11

September 1

Introduction and general info

September 8

Olle Blomberg:
“We-experiences and common knowledge”

September 15

Felipe León:
"Motivating a relational approach to shared experiences: the case of joint attention"

September 29

James Jardine:
“Aspects of Husserl’s Phenomenology of Personhood”

October 6

Adrian Alsmith:
“What your structure affords”

October 20

Henning Nörenberg:
“Collective background feelings”

October 27

Corijn van Mazijk:
“Transcendental phenomenology and the empirical sciences”

November 17

Thomas Szanto:  
“Groupthink and Collective Self-Deception” 

November 24

Gry Ardal Printzlau:
“Experience, self-awareness and the sense of reality”

December 15

Whole day seminar